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Our website was lacking in detail so we hired the folks at Krank to take it to the next level. Gareth and his team delivered more than we could have hoped for and we were very happy with the final cost.

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Sarah Price – Manager

We needed a brand new section and design created for our site, Krank looked after the content, implementation and the final result was exactly what we had hoped for. Highly recommended.

Michael O’Connor – Content Lead

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About us

The Latest Trends in Web Design

Numerous different trends exist in website design, and these can significantly influence the quality of your business’s platform. In line with this thought, today, we’re taking a look at some of the latest trends in website design; hopefully, this will help you determine how to create and design your website platform going forward.

The Latest Trends in Web Design

When designing a website, there’s a lot you’ll need to keep in mind; of course, this can often feel like something of a minefield at the time. Luckily, we’ve outlined a couple of things you should know to help.

Nostalgic Themes

One of the most prominent trends in web design that many people have noticed and integrated in recent years is the power and value of nostalgic themes. Indeed, nostalgia is often an incredibly influential factor, playing a direct role in our feelings around a topic – and, critically, it can automatically give us a strong sense of positivity regarding a product. As a result, incorporating nostalgic elements – such as classic website designs, loading animations and images, and unique cursors, which were common back in the day – offers a simple and easy way to quickly engage the reader.

Custom Fonts and Typefaces

Another trend in the website design field that’s helping businesses stand out from the crowd in recent times is the introduction of custom fonts and typefaces. These custom solutions allow businesses to really show off their brand’s unique identity and style, making them excellent options to consider if the available fonts don’t do your team justice.

3D Designs

Why not take a step outside of the box with an eye-catching and striking 3D design for your website? Indeed, a growing number of businesses are trying to embrace this concept as part of their own web design process, and the results are definitely impressive. As such, if you have the opportunity to add 3D elements to your page, consider giving it a go. However, take care not to overuse 3D elements, as these pose the risk of cluttering up the page overall.

Webpage Games

In the past, websites have always been designed with a strong focus on functionality alone. However, this isn’t necessarily the best way to plan your site from an engagement perspective, and this has led to a somewhat surprising new trend: the introduction of fun elements on web pages that don’t actually serve a direct purpose. Instead, these simply serve to hook the reader’s attention, keeping them on the page for longer – in turn reducing bounce rates, increasing time on page metrics, and supporting the site’s performance in search engine rankings accordingly.

Dark Modes

Integrating dark modes into your website design is another simple design trend that has become more popular recently. Not only does this help make your website more accessible, but it also allows you to show off a stylish and sleek modern design. As such, dark modes – ideally ones that can be enabled and disabled by the user – offer an excellent and customisable user experience.

Final Thoughts

Website design can be a little tricky, but there’s a lot you’ll need to keep in mind as part of this – and our experts are on hand to help. So, don’t leave things to chance when it comes to your website; always make sure you’ve got the right solutions in place to ensure your website is the most effective it can be.

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