The Team

Neil Markey

Founder, Admin & Writer

nmThe founder of, Neil is a news and current events nerd who likes cute animals and fighting with politicians on the internet.  QRG has called him a “maverick Irish blogger” but he’s mostly just an opinionated jerk.  When not single-handedly taking on mainstream media he can be found enjoying plum sake martinis in the big city.


    Carmel Whelan

    Editor, Admin & Writer

    Carm ProfileEditor and admin, Carmel is our resident grammar (and spelling) nazi.  She strongly disapproves of incorrect use of the term “irony” and, when not lamenting misuse of the English language, she works as a composer, performer, and music teacher.  Carmel is a lover of all things related to music and the arts and, on her elusive days off, can be found baking delicious things.


      Sean Markey

      Sub-Editor, Admin & Writer

      smA former filmmaker, comedian, actor, and writer, Sean has seen it all - some of it twice! He likes dinosaurs and transforming robots and hopes to rule the multiverse someday, but is settling for looking after the Film section at for now.



        Lauren Halligan

        Admin & Writer

        lhHow do we best describe Lauren?  We feel this quote from one of her teachers on parents' night does her justice:  "Lauren has loads of opinions and always seems keen to share them with the class." Lauren has a HND in Print Journalism and a BA in Media Production Management.  She usually writes about whatever may be irritating her, which could be anything from current events and world news to her favourite topic of feminism. Just wind her up and watch her go.


          Patrick Townsend


          Patrick BioPatrick is a film studies graduate from Dundalk IT. Currently based in Co. Meath, his speciality is film and cinema.  A passionate follower of cinema from around the globe, from Hollywood to Japan or Iran, Patrick will try anything once - even the films of Michael Bay, despite the days of regret that follow.



            Padraig Cotter


            Padraig Cotter (Padre) BioPadre is a film graduate whose only discernible skill is writing about films, TV, video games and other popular culture things. He also likes long walks on the beach and quoting The Simpsons. See him form opinions and struggle with basic grammar on Twitter @Padre_Co



              James Slevin


              jsJames is Krank’s resident (again) contrary antagonist.
              Recently returned from Canada, James is slowly but surely winding people up no end with stories from the Great White North.
              He has also just become “that” 30 year-old mature student in DIT.
              His obsessions with music, sushi, politics, sport and geographic anomalies do not always make good bedfellows. But at least he’s always right about them.

                Doctor Doom


                doomDoctor Doom is a technophile with a long history in the IT sector. He is also passionate about competitive gaming, the comic book industry, and plays bass. He may or may not be the ruler of a small Eastern European country.



                  David Lundy


                  David Lundy BioDave is a singer/songwriter in a local garage band of the rock variety. He recently decided to try his hand at writing prose in the form of short stories and unfinished novels. Since joining Krank, Dave has written opinion pieces on various topics, alongside many music reviews, with a trend towards Irish and emerging artists as well as anything in his impressive virtual 'record collection'. The rest of the time Dave is a middle-management drone who likes to think that he's a combination of Tony Soprano and Don Draper.


                    Graham Duffy


                    gA former stand up comedian, Graham stakes his claim as Krank's resident Joker. Between his love of comedy and his previous work as a security officer, Graham has attended more gigs than he can count. A self-confessed opinionated loudmouth with a penchant for words like ‘penchant’, Graham is extremely passionate about music, films, comedy and all things good!


                      Chris Walsh


                      Chris Walsh writerWriter with an eclectic taste in film, television and comedy. Been known to be a serviceable soccer goalkeeper and tag rugby player, as well as guitar enthusiast and tea drinker. His dating profile would probably contain this same info.
                      Tweet machine: @chriswalsh85

                        Enda Whitney


                        endaStarting out as one of our writers, Enda also became a dedicated researcher for the site. Travelling back and forth between buzzing New York City, he gathers fresh and exciting ideas as well as stories for Krank and its readers.