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Dating really is one of the hardest to gauge aspects of modern life. Sure, there’s the excitement and the inherent buzz that you get from meeting up with somebody new as you go on a mutual quest for romance, fun times and, as the personal ads say, ‘maybe more…’. Unfortunately though, the world of dating is not all beds of rose petals and love at first sight. There’s a whole lot of reading between the lines that needs to be done. While, at a glance, two dating people look like they’re in it together – in reality they’re actually constantly trying to suss out what’s going on in the other person’s head, second guessing both themselves and their date at every turn.

One short film which approaches the quagmires and misinterpretations commonly associated with dating is He Said. She Said. which was produced by sketch channel Galga TV. It it, we meet a couple of female friends out for a nice evening run and a catch up chat. As the topic of conversation tends to swing in such scenarios, the pair end up chatting about their respective love lives. One of them is hesitant at first, but eventually opens up about how her recent date was awful, short-lived and deeply unfulfilling (yet and all, she put out for the ‘gentleman’ in question, despite his obvious lack of charm and social graces – so a pedant could argue that the bad experience was her own damn fault). Her jogging friend however, seems to be having a lot more luck in love. She regales her pleased, but somewhat jealous, running mate of the amazing date she had which came complete with dinner at a fancy restaurant, a long walk through the city and hours of passionately considerate love-making by candlelight. All in all, the pair’s recent dating experiences couldn’t have gone much differently.

Speaking of contrasts, the He Said. She Said. narrative soon switches to the perspective of the two men who had, up until that point, only featured anecdotally. Over a barbeque and some brewskies, the two guys (who, as it turns out, were dating the two ladies whom we met earlier) talk shop on how they felt the dates went. As it so happens, the fellow who had produced the lacklustre sexual performance thought the date went extraordinarily well (and why wouldn’t he after being fed and sexed in quick succession?). Meanwhile, his buddy, whom we were led to believe was a total super-gent and stud muffin, recalls the torrid time he had on his date. The reason for his ‘romantic’ walk was that he couldn’t afford a cab and he lit candles in his house was because he forgot to pay the electricity bill. In addition to this, his prolonged sexual performance was brought about anxiety as opposed to any great stamina or consideration. All things considered, in terms of the glowing report he received, the guy got lucky (if you’ll pardon the term of speech).

He Said. She Said. really is one of those films that lays things down in a funny, yet illuminating manner. It just goes to show that perceptions really are everything these days, particularly when it comes to the dating scene. The moral of the story here folks is to remember that no matter how well you think you are doing and how brilliant you think something is, you’re probably completely wrong and everything you are associated with is in fact terrible.

As He Said. She Said. proved to be a very popular short film, a sequel titled One Week Later was produced which caught up with our foursome of characters a week after their initial dates to see how they got on afterwards. It turns out that neither couple, for obvious reasons, has really taken off. Unfortunately for Part 2 though, the law of diminishing returns struck in a big way, and the film is nowhere near as sunny or clever as the first film. The moral of the story for the sequel? Quit while you’re ahead.

[Image: Galga TV]

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