Science… The Movie!

What will those mad scientist types think of next? Having already used various seminars, lectures and books to promote their message of science and reason, Lawrence Krauss (theoretical physicist) and Richard Dawkins (evolutionary biologist) have decided it’s time to get with the times and make a documentary about it. That said, based on the soundtrack one might be forgiven for thinking that they were packing in their respective scientific works and starting a rock band.

The film features interview segments with many famous faces including Woody Allen, Cameron Diaz and Ricky Gervais as they discuss the importance of scientific understanding in relation to global issues as opposed to a heavily politicised or religious (arguing with religious people must be like catnip to Dawkins) approach to problem solving.

The Unbelievers is set for release later this year. Expect liberals to wax lyrical about it while conservatives scorn it. Everyone in between will probably think, “Hmm, that’s kind of interesting”.


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