A Reminder For Susan Philips

“When people say I’m homophobic they must mean that I’m anti equality, anti people’s rights, anti being kind and decent and loving and all I’m saying is I just want an opportunity to give people my opinion…”

Susan Philips, on what homophobia means to her.


During last night’s attempt at a discussion on RTÉ about homophobia, Susan Philips was struck with a case of amnesia. From how she was talking, you’d almost expect that she was being blocked from spouting off her “traditional” opinions despite having appeared in print and on television before.

Colm O’Gorman decided to remind her that she opposed the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1993, which seemed to be news to her. Philips proceeded to bluster on about civil partnerships*, while O’Gorman continued to underline her opposition to decriminalisation.

O’Connor: Will you clarify, did you or did you not oppose the decriminalization of homosexuality

Philips: No, No I, but you’re talking about – I’m not that old!

O’Gorman: It was 1993, not 1933

O’Connor: Okay we’ll move on…Colm, can I ask you so, your definition of, homophobia is much broader-

Philips: I did not oppose that!

O’Gorman: Well let me, let me, I’ll apologize if you didn’t but my understanding is that you did-

Philips: Yes, I think you can – where have you been digging stuff up from?

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You can watch the Saturday Night Show here. (Skip to 54:28)

*Speaking of civil partnerships, David Quinn says he has supported partnership rights for years. Oh really?


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/awkward face


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