Iona Institute threatens legal action

Iona Institute founder David Quinn is threatening University Times with legal action over two articles it published about the group’s YouTube video against marriage equality.

The articles, entitled “What Lies Behind the Facade?” and “Queerly Beloved”, were written by Trinity students and have both been temporarily removed. The Institute is said to prefer non-monetary compensation such as an apology and/or right to reply and is seeking a full retraction.

From Trinity News:

University Times editor and TCDSU Communications officer, Owen Bennett told Trinity News that he had received a letter last week from a solicitor representing Mr Quinn. Both articles, he said, “have been removed as a temporary [emphasis original] measure pending a resolution to this matter.” According to Bennett the articles in question “strongly attack the video and the reasoning which informs it.” Bennett stated that according to the letter, Quinn felt “personally defamed” by certain references made to him in Kenny’s article.

When the Iona Institute’s YouTube account was temporarily suspended in January, Quinn speculated that Google might have been censoring the group for their views on marriage and homosexuality. It was later found that he had simply failed to respond to a verification notice from Google.

Earlier this week, Quinn published a list of tweets referencing The Late Late Show and a segment debating marriage equality in Ireland. In his article he claimed the tweets listed were a “river of bile” and abusive. This was contested by a number of people and featured an article showing messages simply criticising or disagreeing with his viewpoint but being branded as abuse.

One comment, from a single mother, was especially mild and featured on the list. It read “#latelate has me rantn arghhh traditional family my a singl mom..doesn’t make us any less of a n kindnes is what matrs”. The Catholic group Ireland Stand Up, who created the list that Quinn used, apologised for including it and asked him to remove the message from his article on the woman’s behalf. The message was eventually removed but all calls for Quinn to apologise for branding the tweet as abusive have been met with silence.

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