In Catholic America Alligator Is Eaten By You!

Chances are you’ve probably heard of alligators. They’re nasty pieces of work altogether: big, toothy and have a notoriously bad temperament. Reptilian monsters from the time of the dinosaurs. When the dinos all died out the ‘gators continued smiling unabated.

Here’s something I bet you didn’t know about them though: They’re actually fish.

That is the opinion of one Roman Catholic Cardinal in America. When a concerned parishioner asked Cardinal Gregory M. Aymond of New Orleans if it was acceptable to eat alligator meat during the Lenten period (a holy time when Catholics are supposed to abstain from eating meat on Fridays, but are permitted to eat fish as a substitute) the Cardinal replied, stating that, “the alligator is considered in the fish family” and was therefore edible during Lent. Considered by who exactly? The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, that’s who!

Pictured: left- a fish, right – lots o’ fish.

I’m glad that’s settled as I was worried that I’d have to abstain from eating alligators for the next while.

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