Britain: A Christian Nation? (Infographic)

United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron recently provoked controversy by proclaiming that “We [the UK] are a Christian country and should not be afraid to say so”. Cameron’s words have prompted widespread disagreement, with a group of 50 well known public figures writing an open letter to the Prime Minister stating that the UK is a secular state with a pluralist people. Even former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams felt Cameron’s interpretation of the country to be erroneous, referring to it as a “post-Christian country”.

In response to David Cameron’s assertions, the British Humanist Association have created an inforgraphic which sites numerous figures and statistics which openly contradict the Prime Minister. For example, a NatCen survey on ‘British Social Attitudes’ revealed that, of those surveyed, 48% of Britons consider themselves non religious – more than the accumulated percentage of all the different types of Christians put together. Another interesting stat is that only 22% of Britons think that religious beliefs are needed to establish right from wrong.

Scroll down to see what other stats and figures the BHA have accumulated on the topic:

BAH British Humanist Association Christian Nation inforgraphic



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