Science Week 2014

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Science Week 2014 takes place from 9th-16th November.  With a range of events taking place throughout the country, the aim is to make science more interesting and accessible to both adults and children and to show how relevant it is to our everyday lives.   With a hugely varied programme of events scheduled in venues all over Ireland, there’s sure to be something for everyone, from budding young scientists to aging science enthusiasts.

Tuesday 11th November: Metaperceptual Helmets at the Dead Zoo

Throughout Science Week, the Natural History Museum is offering an innovative, interactive exhibition that allows visitors to see the world through the eyes of animals.  Six metaperceptual helmets will give wearers the unique opportunity to experience the vision of different animals, including a hammerhead shark’s hyper-stereo vision, a horse’s 357° vision, and even a chameleon’s separately rotatable eyes.  Created by artists Connolly-Cleary, these unique helmets will be on display for one week only from November 9th-16th.

On Tuesday November 11th, Anne Cleary, a member of the artistic team, will deliver a talk on the creation of this extraordinary and engaging series which allows us to explore the mysteries of visual perception.

Drop by any day to visit the exhibit or visit to book tickets for Anne Cleary’s talk.

Thursday 13th November: An Astronaut and Stories from Space

Ballyfermot Library officially wins Science Week with this event.  Former NASA astronaut Gregory H. Johnson, a veteran of two space flights, will give a presentation in the library this Thursday November 13th at 1pm.

Gregory Harold “Box” Johnson is a retired colonel in the United States Air Force and a former NASA astronaut who piloted two space flights, STS-123 and STS-134 aboard the Endeavour space shuttle.   During his time with NASA, he spent over thirty days in orbit and contributed to the assembly of the International Space Station.  Col Johnson holds a B.S. in aeronautical engineering from the US Air Force Academy and an M.S. in flight structures engineering and is currently the President and Executive Director for the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS).  He will speak about his experiences as an astronaut, including the experience of visiting space, and the talk will be followed by a Q&A session.

For further information or to book tickets visit Dublin City Council website.

Thursday 13th November: TOG Short Talks

TOG is a hackerspace nestled in Dublin’s city centre.  Fully funded by its members, it provides a shared space where people can explore their creativity and work on projects in an environment that is “inspiring and supportive of both new and old technologies”.  The hackerspace organises weekly events and, to celebrate Science Week, an evening of short talks will take place on Thursday 13th November from 7pm.  With a topics ranging from “Speech Technology in the 21st Century” to fungal pathogens there’s sure to be something to interest everyone.  The talks are free, but as the organisers have advised, turn up early to claim the best seats.

For further information check out TOG’s website.

Friday 14th November: Science Night Maynooth University

As part of its week long schedule of events, Maynooth University  will host an open science night on Friday November 14th.  Visitors to the university will get a chance to visit the labs to watch a variety of exciting demonstrations and take part in some hands-on experiments in fields such as Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology.  Alternatively they can head to the library to play some Robot Soccer.

From 8-9pm, (if the sky is clear) astronomical observations will take place in collaboration with Astro2, Maynooth’s Astronomy and Physics Society.  Stargazers will have the opportunity to look through telescopes at the moon, planets, stars, and galaxies (or some dense cloud formations).

For a full list of events visit Maynooth University’s website.

Saturday 15th  November: Space Monsters, Super Heroes & Science Fiction

“Space Monsters, Super Heroes & Science Fiction” is an exhibition for all ages featuring classic science fiction comics, literature, posters and toys from the 1930s-1980s.  Visitors will learn how various aspects of science fiction, including TV programmes such as Star Trek, inspired generations of young people to invent so much of the technology used today.  The growing popularity of such shows throughout the ’60s and ’70s and the cult following they achieved eventually transformed modern lives, leading to the development of robotics, the world wide web, mobile phones, touch screen tablets, medical scanners and even computer viruses.  The exhibition will take place on Saturday November 15th in NUIG, Galway from 2-4pm and exhibits on display will include vintage Marvel, DC & Planet comics.

For further information and to see the full list of great events taking place, check out Galway Science.

Saturday 15th November: Astro Expo 2014

Astronomy Ireland is the world’s largest national astronomy club (relative to population).  Their aim is to promote astronomy and space interest in Ireland which they do through organising talks, lectures, observation sessions and various other events nationwide, in addition to publishing a monthly magazine, Astronomy & Space, and producing a radio show for Dublin City fm. The non-profit organisation’s annual event, Astro Expo, is Ireland’s largest astronomy and space exhibition – a one day affair which has been running for over twenty years. This year’s event takes place on Saturday November 15th from 12-6pm in Trinity College Dublin and features exhibitions of telescopes, astronomy equipment and astrophotography as well as talks on various subjects including “Hunting for Supernovae”, “Meteorites” and “Astrophotography”.

For further information or to book tickets for the talks visit Astronomy Ireland’s website.

Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th November: Science Hack Day

Science Hack Day takes place this Saturday 15th November in UCD and runs overnight until the following day.  Now in its third year, the 36 hour hardware and software hackathon aims to bring together artists, coders, developers, designers, scientists, engineers and any creative individuals who simply want to make interesting things.  The all-day-all-night event provides an intense period of collaboration, during which small groups of typically four to six makers realise the potential to achieve remarkable results. How does it work? Attendees submit their project ideas beforehand and when others arrive on the day they join in with whichever creative process they are most interested in.  Current ideas range from creating a head device with “Predator vision” to hacking a toaster to create the perfect toast.  You can see the full list here and, for your own entertainment, I recommend you check out their FAQ too.

For the full schedule, further information or to register visit Science Hack Day Dublin.

Sunday 16th November: Ingenious Ireland Walking Tour

In celebration of Science Week, Ingenious Ireland are hoping to take visitors to Dublin city centre on an innovative walking tour which celebrates Irish ingenuity.  “Irish Ideas & Inventions That Changed The World” will, according to its organisers, make you proud to be Irish as it highlights Ireland’s contributions to the world of science, including the engine that electrified the world, the engineer who invented seismology, and the Irish equation that put a man on the Moon.  Beginning at the Science Gallery, the tour will visit hidden Dublin secrets, including an air raid shelter, and will even include delicious Butler’s chocolate.

For further information or to book a place on the tour visit Ingenious Ireland’s website.

For a full list of events visit


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