Irish Consumers’ Online Spending Up 62% Since Last Year, says Study

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The old cliché always chimed in, “There’s no recession online!”.  And while that oft-used quote is perhaps somewhat misleading considering the strife many Irish companies have experienced in the last decade, there is a small ring of truth in it.  While Irish “bricks n’ mortar” stores have certainly suffered a great deal over the curse of this time period, with many not making it, things have not been all doom and gloom on the online front.

In contrast to more ‘traditional’ Irish business models, Irish e-commerce sites (i.e. websites which directly sell goods online) have been thriving during this time period. The latest research into how Irish e-commerce websites are doing has recently been published by digital marketing company Wolfgang Digital in their Irish E-Commerce Report (Q2 2015).  The report outlines some very promising statistics for Irish online businesses as well as interesting usage figures for the different types of internet browsing devices (desktop computers, smart phones, tablets).

Arguably the most interesting insights from the report are that Irish consumers’ total online spend has increased by 62% year on year which, interestingly enough, coincides with a similar increase in the amount of inbound web traffic to Irish e-commerce websites from mobile devices (64%).  There is reason to believe that this increase is, in part at least, causal.

The key findings from Wolfgang Digital’s Irish E-Commerce Report can be found in the below infographic:

Irish e-commrce study 2015

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