Google News announces tablet update

Google have updated their news service to make it more suitable for those browsing on tablets. Users viewing Google News on Google’s Nexus devices or Apple iPads will be able to view articles, sources and topics using a number of gestures. Product Manager for Google News, Mayuresh Saoji, says the experience will be more natural and fluid.

In the Google News blog, he said that the improvements will help “Google News send even more visits to news sites (six billion per month and counting).” The wording is quite interesting, especially at a time when newspapers are becoming more vocal about how the service uses quotes from articles. Most recently, Google is fighting against new laws in Germany that could force the internet giant to pay newspapers for using parts of articles in Google News.The company hit back with the “Defend Your Net” campaign, urging German people to oppose these new laws. They say that the decision would harm the media and publishers can simply opt out of listings. Google also claims that many German news sites receive more than half their website visitors via Google’s search products.

Here in Ireland there has been an ongoing story concerning Newspaper Licensing Ireland Ltd asking the Women’s Aid charity for money to link to newspaper websites. In May, McGarr Solicitors published an outgoing letter written on behalf of Women’s Aid, who linked back to articles giving them coverage in the media. A follow up post was published on McGarr solicitors website last week.

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