Can Politics Stop Obama’s Clean Power Plan?

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United States President, Barack Obama has always been seen as something of an idealist when it comes to renewable energy.  While it was most certainly his Affordable Health Care Act which dominated his campaign toward election into White House and seemingly took up a great chunk of his time afterwards, his will to reform the way America generates its energy never went away.  The President has always seen the likes of solar panels, wind-generated energy and hydro power as being key players in the struggle to meet America’s enormous energy consumption.

President Obama wasn’t messing about when he said these Sagan-esque words in the June of 2013:

That bright blue ball rising over the moon’s surface, containing everything we hold dear – the laughter of children, a quiet sunrise, all the hopes and dreams of posterity – that’s what’s at stake. That’s what we’re fighting for. And if we remember that, I’m absolutely sure we’ll succeed.”
– Barack Obama, June 25th, 2013

Proof that the American president means business in relation to renewable energy came earlier this month, when Mr Obama unveiled his Clean Power Plan (abbreviated to CPP in the media).  Many are hailing it as the strongest ever signal of intent in relation to climate change instigated by the United States.  many high profile businesses including corporate giants Nestlé and eBay have publically backed CPP already.

Perhaps predictably, partisan politics will play a role in just how effective Obama’s CPP will be in the long-term.  Republicans have been quick to jump on CPP, as they have done with virtually everything Barack Obama has attempted to do since he found himself elected as United States President, common sense be damned!  Already the internet is awash with, often hastily cobbled together, take down pieces denouncing CPP as being unworkable, unsustainable and unpatriotic (because wanting America to last into the next Century is positively un-American!).

If anyone is feeling a sense of déja vu it is because the CPP situation is essentially a carbon copy of the manufactured furor which surrounded the Affordable Health Care Act before it was enshrined (and continues to so to this day, with certain far-right politicians wasting valuable time and tax payer’s money on an endless and futile crusade to slay the Obamacare dragon).  There were many passionately worded arguments against Obamacare, but few if any held any water when the cold hard facts were laid upon the table.  It is much the same in the case of CPP, with opponents of Obama’s new plan struggling to come up with convincing reasons to oppose it.

Career politicians would have you believe that investing in sustainable and renewable energy, thereby creating a better world for our children, is somehow a bad thing and that we should do everything in our power to resists it.  However, it should be painfully obvious that in this argument there is one side that is clearly right and President Obama is very much on that side.  There will always be dissenters, as there are still to this day on topics such as climate change, the validity of the moon landing and the age of the Earth, but history will one day show that Obama was right and the world did well to listen – unless, of course, enough people can be duped into rallying against their own best interests.

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