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Lately we have heard about the horrors associated with the ludicrous, dangerous and destructive, social media driven ‘game’ Neknominations.  Just recently this drinking stunt has reportedly claimed its fifth life. When will we say enough is enough and put an end to this?  After all, one needless death is one too many.  As of Monday morning, it has also been reported that manslaughter charges could be brought against those that nominate their friends, if the outcome is tragic.  So will the threat of potential jail time stop people? Unfortunately, it looks unlikely, as people love a challenge and the peer pressure associated with social media only amplifies the need to ‘one up’ each other. An alternative is needed and we found one, originating in South Africa, where a Neknominee used his donation to do something good instead:

So I decided to give you, good readers, alternatives to your neknominations.  Feel free to ‘one up’ your friends, with your very own: NekDonation or RakNomination.


We all know a little can go a long way in this world and that is the thought process of David Stapleton who, after seeing the South African video, decided to turn his Neknomination into something good. By simply donating the price of a pint to a worthy cause and nominating three friends to do the same you can make a massive difference. In fact you will be saving lives instead of needlessly risking them, using money to do something amazing rather than using it to flush out your digestive system. The NekDonation has been championed by Radio Nova DJ’s Joan Lea and Marty Miller who have nominated both FM 104 and Spin 103.8 to either match or one up their NekDonation of €100.  See? Sometimes the “one upmanship” notion does work.


Taking the NeKDonation idea one step further we have the RAKnomination. This is where you nominate your friends to do a Random Act of Kindness for someone. Just simply go out and try to make someone’s day that little bit better. Mark McGhee epitomised the spirit of “Rak” with this beautiful gesture, where he gives an elderly lady a bouquet of flowers, just to put a smile on her face. As he says in the video, isn’t that better than drinking stupid quantities of alcohol for the sake of it?

The gesture can be as big or small as you like, that is the beauty of the Random Act of Kindness, it is just that – random!

So what can I do? In a word: anything.

You can do whatever you want – any generous gesture you can think of.  But, if you want my advice, a little push in the right direction, allow me to make a suggestion for your random act of kindness – something that doesn’t cost money.  Something that doesn’t just make people feel better, but is guaranteed to save lives. Something that will take a maximum of one hour out of your life, four times a year. I am suggesting that for your random act of kindness you donate blood.

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service need 3,000 donations a week and shockingly only 3% of the population actually donate. If you are eligible, I strongly urge you to donate.  Remember, one in four people will need a blood transfusion at some point in their lives.  Why endanger yours when you could save someone else’s?
Remember their slogan;

“To the world you are one person, but to one person you may be the world”


This is the best way to down a pint!



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