5 Things the Water Protests Are Distracting Us From

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Fighting for our rights is a beautiful product of the democratic and diplomatic modern society that we live in. Once upon a time we didn’t have that right or ability, so a good way to honour our ancestors is to stand up and be counted. Every responsible member of society should do that. But there comes a time at which every reasonable member of society should see that the fight might be lost or ill-spent. The moment at which people picket against so-called ‘political policing’ for people who broke the law by means of breaking a court injunction, arguably, is a good sign that things have gone too far. Likewise, going on hunger strike for a 28 day sentence is a good time to turn back. Let’s face it, the only thing that this so called ‘political policing’ was meant, or could do, was distract us from the main issue. And it did. In this battle, they win. But while the war is still there to be won, we also need to acknowledge the fact that we are distracted from even more major issues which should take the forefront in a truly political conscious people.

1. The Fact that Laws Get Overturned

Our present government have no intention of overturning the questionably undemocratic laws they have signed into office. But while thousands of protesters, (representing a majority of unhappy Irish households) continue to march, they seem to forget that it’s not do or die in this situation. There’s no reason to starve yourself or scream bloody murder at every police officer that happens to be in the line of duty. Talk to the electives you intend to vote for next February. Make it known that they need to listen to their people if they want to win the campaign. Paddy Power should take bets on whether the next government will be elected under the promise of removing the water charges, but we also need to remember that there’s a maelstrom of issues affecting the world around us at the minute.

2. Russian Planes are Going Where they Want

Russian TU-95 Bear H Russian Nuclear Jet Bomber Plane

A Russian Tu-95 Bear ‘H’ nuclear bomber, the type spotted in Irish airspace this January.

A few weeks ago, Russia flew a couple of bomber planes over the west coast of Ireland and barely anybody batted an eyelid. While the planes may or may not have been carrying defused nuclear bombs, the fact remains that they were capable of doing so and were built for that purpose. Likewise, the fact that they decided to make themselves invisible suggests that they were aiming to make a bold statement with the flight. If not, they would have reported in to Shannon Airport and said, “Hey buddy, don’t mind us, just taking these bad-boys for a ride!” We can thank our pals in Britain for stepping in and giving Russia a slap on the wrists. Of course, they flew over Cornwall only last week.

3. ISIS are Approaching Libya

This was reported by Italy last week and it’s a rather disturbing piece of news. If ISIS make it to Libya, they’ll have access to the Mediterranean. If they get there, anything could happen. It’s okay though, Canada and Egypt have been rather outspoken with the idea of airstrikes if ISIS do think they’re getting to the sea. Italy have chosen to take the diplomatic route on the issue; with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi seating military talks with Egypt. Since America are currently trying not to walk away from nuclear talks with Iran, one can’t help but wonder what these talks will do and how long it might be, before ‘preventative’ conflict arises (Bearing in mind WWI was originally a ‘preventative war’).

4. Europe is Becoming a Melting Pot

Slowly but surely, politics and diplomacy in Europe is turning into a system of rivalry and alliances not seen since the early 1900s. In the aftermath of the Hebdo massacre, France have increased their mobile military, meaning more soldiers are ready to strike at short notice. There’s really only one reason a nation would do that.

Likewise, Germany are drifting towards the far right in their political perspective and Greece have already gone to the left. Their Prime Minister; Alexis Tsipras has created quite a bit of controversy in the few short weeks since he was elected, insisting on a longer bailout duration and provoking quite a lot of heat from Germany. Meanwhile Britain are looking into the idea of leaving the European Union. It’s easy to forget that unions such as this were created to help prevent the outbreak of war.

5. Nuclear Armament is on the Rise

While America fails to negotiate terms for a nuclear agreement with Iran, nuclear armament is increasing the world over. Russia have declared their intentions to ‘modernise’ their military; increasing their nuclear stockpile to 50 by 2020, thereby nullifying agreements made with America in the aftermath of the Cold War. Since they have no fear in flying their specialised planes into sovereign airspace to ‘test British defence’, it’s a worrying thought that it might be a matter of time before they decide to accidentally let the hatch open and release a bomb. Of course, Russia aren’t alone in their nuclear armament but this doesn’t provide any sort of relief. Orwell, who predicted the clash of communism and Nazism, along with the growth of a Big Brother State, predicted that WWIII would be a nuclear catastrophe that would effectively wipe our species out.

Nuclear bomb testing ground explosion

It would be quite typical of the image we can possess in the world’s media, that while the whole world teeters over the brink and slowly descends into catastrophe, that we’re worried about water taxes. Ultimately, it’s an issue that can easily be resolved by a political party that have expressed desire to listen to their people. It will soon be our responsibility to elect a government that actually do listen. Otherwise, if the world falls into the pit of despair it’s heading toward, the most levity we’ll get is a good satire; depicting a newscaster saying, “There’s still no water for our tea!”, while outside his office people picket in the midst of a nuclear crisis.

[Images: Pixabay, RAF, Wiki Images]

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