Take an ‘Elfie Selfie’ and Raise Money for Charity

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Now that we’re well into December, the world has gone into full blown Christmas mode. Between the Christmas FM radio station and festive movie screenings in cinemas (even horror films are getting in on the act!), there is no escaping the festive spirit! (that almost sounds like a threat –Ed)

Of course, Christmas is seen as that most wonderful time of the year when people conspire (it’s in the lyrics – go check) to gather with their loved ones and exchange lavish gifts, eat decadently and be merry in general. Not everybody has it so easy though. There are a lot of older people out there who’ve got nobody to share their Christmas spirit with. That’s why the ALONE charity have launched their “Elfie Selfie” campaign to help them out.

As with most ‘selfie’ based charity initiatives, the idea behind Elfie Selfie is simple enough; you post your Christmas themed photos of yourself online (preferably through social media accounts along with the #Elfie4ALONE hashtag in order to increase virability) along with details on how to donate toward the campaign.

To donate €4 to the Alone Elfie Selfie campaign all you have to do is text the word ALONE to 50300.

Sean Moynihan, who is a CEO of ALONE, had this to day about the Elfie Selfie campaign:

“We hope that lots of people will get involved in this fun campaign and support older people in need. Christmas can be a particularly isolating time for older people who are living alone. We call on members of the public to think about older people this holiday season, not only by donating your money but also by visiting older people in your area over the Christmas period.”

Scott Williams, CEO of Q102, who are working alongside ALONE  this year, chimed in:

“We are so excited to help ALONE launch their Elfie campaign this year. We all like to do that extra bit for charity around Christmas time and I think this is a lovely way to support the older people that ALONE work with. We encourage everyone to share their Elfie online and to engage in the fun on Q102’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.”

While the official Elfie Selfie campaign literature encourages people to nominate their friends and family to join in, I personally find this aspect of modern charity drives to be somewhat abhorrent. People shouldn’t be publicly pressured or coerced into making a charitable donation. By all means, make a donation to ALONE as it is a very worthy cause. Go out of your way to promote it and spread the good word, but please, do not make it a ‘tit for tat’ game of one-upmanship. While certainly people will argue this point by claiming that the ends justify the means, but the last thing we want to see is a repeat of the debacle where thousands of people were posting #NoMakeUp selfies (a lot of which clearly did use minimalist makeup while applying generous amounts of flattering filters) without any details of the charity itself or how to donate – a victory of vanity over charity.

Remember, raising money for charity is a lot more important than feeding one’s ego and ‘challenging’ someone in the public space and getting lots of Facebook likes, so join in the fun and make your donation as public or private as you like – just don’t put pressure on others to do likewise as you’ll never know who’s hit hard times.

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