Herald Face “Factually Wrong” Interview Claim


An article that appeared in The Herald newspaper has been accused of featuring a false headline and of being copied from another publication.

Comedian and broadcaster Abie Philbin Bowman made the claims this evening, via Twitter, when he saw the article headlined “I don’t drink because of brothers death”.  He said that the headline was untrue and the main article was “lifted entirely” from the RTE Guide.

Mr. Philbin Bowman also sent a message to Herald journalist, Niall O’Connor, informing him that he had contacted The Herald Newsdesk and wanted a printed clarification.

Following the tweets, the article was taken down from the Herald website.  The URL directing users to the piece has been replaced with a “deleted-legals” tag. A cached version of the piece was still available via Google.

Back in 2012, Krank.ie reported that actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead accused the paper of hosting a “fabricated” interview.  The article was written by Irish journalist Paul Byrne and featured on website Movies.ie as well as The Herald.  While Movies.ie removed the piece almost immediately, The Herald left it online for a number of days.

Krank.ie contacted deputy editor Ian Mallon, who informed us that The Herald did not fabricate interviews.  An unpleasant back and forth continued between the actress and editor following this, as well as several different explanations being proffered.

Mr. Philbin Bowman called the article “factually wrong” and said this evening that he doesn’t think it was malicious on the part of the writer. He said that he guesses that the source material in the RTE Guide was either simply misread or exaggerated.

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