Irish Metal Transfusion at Bloodstock 2013 Part 1: The First Cut…

We make our way to the New Blood Stage to see WARPATH, the Dublin-based brutal death metal band who earned their slot at the festival by winning the Irish Metal 2 the Masses contest in Fibber Magee’s last month. This is one of the main reasons for our being here – to support and promote Irish Metal. But alas… when we get to the stage we see no sign of Warpath, and discover that their set has just ended. The band order had been re-arranged to accommodate another band who had gotten lost and delayed. Well done to the Warpath lads for stepping up and saving the day, but we (and many other Warpath fans) were sadly disappointed to have missed their set. From their Facebook page: “We had an epic time on stage regardless and had a great crowd by the end of the set so we all got off stage with smiles on our faces. But we hope we can get back to The UK and Bloodstock again!

Tomas "Zornheym" Nilsson of Dark Funeral

Tomas “Zornheym” Nilsson of Dark Funeral

Magnus "Masse" Broberg of Dark Funeral

Magnus “Masse” Broberg of Dark Funeral

One consolation for the disappointment of missing Warpath was that we got the opportunity to watch Swedish black metal act DARK FUNERAL perform. These are a bunch of lads you wouldn’t want to bump into alone in a dark alley. Wearing warrior-like body armour with inverted pentagram insignia and intimidating face paint, these self-declared followers of Anton LaVey (founder of the church of Satan) scowl at the crowd while blasting out songs about stigmata, anti-Christianity and Satanism. After 20 years of playing what they want, how they want, these guys don’t care who they offend. From looking back at the sizeable crowd raising their devil horns, it would appear that there is no offence taken.

Dark Funeral

Dark Funeral

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