Irish Metal Transfusion at Bloodstock 2013 Part 1: The First Cut…

The Arena by Sunset

The Arena by Sunset

After the relatively mild-mannered start to the weekend, the festival goers have far too much pent-up energy to get an early night. The Sophie stage and bar stay open late with the resident DJs (The 4 DJs of the Apocalypse) and scantily-clad dancing girls providing entertainment until the early hours. At the end of the night, there is an unofficial wheelie bin demolition derby. The rules seem to be simple:

  1. Take two industrial sized wheelie bins to opposite ends of the campsite.
  2. Find a crazy rider for each (Batman or a Kilt-wearing Scotsman will do).
  3. Get half a dozen drunken metallers to propel aforementioned bins and riders at speed directly towards each other.
  4. Revel in the uproarious cheers and encouragement of hundreds of onlookers.
  5. Repeat.
Rob Cavestany and Ted Aguilar of Death Angel

Rob Cavestany and Ted Aguilar of Death Angel

Friday: the first full day of Bloodstock. The bands start at 10:30am. I doubt the wheelie bin riders are here. Noon seems like a good time to hit the Ronnie James Dio Stage to catch Bay Area thrashers DEATH ANGEL. Despite having originally formed in San Francisco in 1982, their front man Mark Osegueda surprisingly informs the crowd that this is the band’s first time performance at a UK open-air festival. And the crowd certainly encourage them by chanting “Death Angel” without any solicitation whatsoever. There is an enthusiastic ambience at the main stage, and thousands of fans are already soaking up the metal, sun and festival atmosphere.

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