Clumsy Ninja (Review)

clumsy ninja

Cute, realistic and impressive are just three words that could be used to describe Clumsy Ninja.

The game gives you the chance to raise your very own ninja – although he is quite clumsy. It’s up to you to train him until he is at the same standard as all of his ninja friends. You can tickle him until he falls to the ground laughing or throw him through the air. With his big green eyes and many different ninja outfits to choose from, it’s all quite cute ; but is it enough?

Clumsy Ninja is very impressive for many reasons. Most noticeable is how realistic your little companion is. At the beginning when he climbs onto his trampoline for the first time, he slowly crawls on cautiously. However, after a few training sessions he gains confidence until he is at the stage where he flips onto it. If he falls on his bum, sometimes you’ll catch him rubbing it because it’s sore. After his training sessions he even runs up to you looking for a high five! It’s possibly the most realistic and adorable “Tamagotchi” type game out there.

In order to train your new friend you must complete some mini-games which gives him “experience.” Although the mini-games are simple and fairly easy, they never feel boring or repetitive. Your ninja is entertaining enough on his own; when he levels up, he earns different colour belts. The reward of seeing your ninja develop distracts from the fact that you are training him with a trampoline for the tenth time so that he can master his ninja move.

After being demoed at the Apple iPhone 5 media event last year, Clumsy Ninja has been a long-awaited app release for both the iPhone and iPad. With great graphics and impressive physics behind it, the only thing to let it down is the size of an iPhone screen. On the iPad, the game runs smoothly with a short loading screen. Once it’s up and running though, it’s perfect.On the iPhone, however, the screen size can pose as a slight limitation for those of us with larger fingers. After a few levels this will prove less of problem, but at the start it can be slightly more difficult.

Overall, the app is a wonderful addition to any collection, but it is especially recommended for Tamagotchi or Farmville lovers. Clumsy Ninja is the perfect way to cheer up after a long day. It’s cute, colourful and rewarding all rolled into one. The physics behind it mean that you will be blown away by the realistic nature of your ninja, while it runs smoothly with great graphics. It rarely mentions in-app purchases too, making it an excellent free app.

Clumsy Ninja is available for iPhone and iPad on the iTunes Store.


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