Video Prank: Wolves In Da Lift!

Halloween is a great time of year to be a prankster. It seems to be one of those rare (and joyous) occasions where pretty much anything goes and you can get away with (almost literal) bloody murder – all in the name of good fun of course!

Take the people at Dublin-based Digital Marketing company Wolfgang Digital as a prime example of the kind of tomfoolery that people get up to in order to get into the Halloween spirit. Taking inspiration from their own brand’s nomenclature, they decided to purchase a few mannequins, dress them up as werewolves (after all, what is Halloween without some costume drama?), attach a GoPro camera to them, stick them in an elevator and videotape people’s reactions.

Suffice to say, the poor souls who have the misfortune of sharing a building with Wolfgang Digital weren’t prepared for encountering a motley crew of funkily-dressed werewolves so early in the morning (they’re only supposed to come out at night!). Reactions typically included the usual jumps, frights and “Oh my God!”s. One fellow even decided to forego his planned elevator journey and take the stairs instead (clearly, the pranksters’ plan was to help their neighbours get some exercise all along).

One of Wolfgang Digital’s co-habitors didn’t appear to be too impressed with the elevator antics which threatened to disturb his morning coffee. Not so much as flinching, this badass referred to the pranksters as a “bunch of idiots” before proceeding to sexually molest one of the werewolves – perhaps not the reaction everyone was expecting!

Sexy Elevator Werewolf Prank

Caption unnecessary.

[Image: Youtube]

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