Dragon Ball Super – Episode 25 (Review)

An All-Out Battle! The Vengeful Golden Freeza

Dragon Ball Super Golden Frieza

Without spoiling anything, it’s fair to say that Episode 25 of Dragon Ball Super is a pretty entertaining watch. Dragon Ball fans who have already seen the Resurrection ‘F’ DBZ movie will also be interested to know that, in addition to the continued battle between Goku and Frieza, the episode also features some hints at what’s going to happen in the upcoming ‘Universe 6’ saga, so this installment makes for interesting viewing, even for those not keen on the idea of Dragon Ball Super retelling the stories of the recent Dragon Ball Z movies.

Extended discussion and spoilers from beyond this point folks!

The first thing that you will probably notice in Dragon Ball Super Episode 25 is that the overall standard of animation is very high. While recent episodes had somewhat patchy animation, the vast majority of shots that we see here are impeccably done. The first half of the episode in particular has some of the best work that we’ve seen in Dragon Ball Super thus far. The character models all look highly detailed, while the fighting is polished, yet easy to follow. Indeed, the parts of Goku and Frieza’s fight as seen in this episode arguably look significantly better than that of the Resurrection ‘F’ movie, which was partially done in CGI. While the CGI clash was fairly visually impressive, it looked perhaps a bit too much like a video game, and felt less ‘Dragon Bally’ so to speak. Frieza’s transformation into his new golden form is also much more visually appealing than what Resurrection ‘F’ gave us. This, coupled with a pretty cool operatic musical cue, makes the sequence a big improvement on its Dragon Ball Z movie counterpart.

Before Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Golden Frieza do get down to business, i.e. pummeling the living snot out of each other, they have themselves a nice long chat involving plenty of posturing. Fortunately, the dialogue here is well written, so it doesn’t feel overly drawn out, which is fortunate as the battle doesn’t really kick off until the second half of the episode. Something very interesting happens around the halfway point too – you can read all about it after the below trailer embed:

We see Whis and Beerus jetting towards Earth (with a view to get their hands on Bulma’s delicious ice cream sundae), when Whis stops suddenly after noticing a familiar, and unwelcome, presence. It is Champa and his assistant Vados, Beerus and Whis’ respective counterparts from Universe 6. Their exchange is brief and there is a clear enmity between Beerus and Champa, so much so in fact that Beerus challenges Champa to a fight there and then. Champa cites being too lazy to accept such a challenge directly, so offers up Vados to fight in his stead. Since Vados has no intention of getting her hands dirty, the situation calms as the two pairs of deities go off on their separate ways. As they jet off into space, Vados reminds Champa that they have secured five of the seven things they are looking for. While it is not said directly what these things are, it is strongly inferred that they are some sort of Dragon Balls.

When Whis and Beerus do finally get to Earth,the balance of power has swung firmly in the favour of Frieza, his new golden body giving him the power to outmatch even Goku’s God power-infused Super Saiyan Blue (Frieza had previously tried taking on Blue Goku in his ‘final’ Dragon Ball Z form, but proved to be no match for him). Interestingly, neither Beerus nor Whis seem in any way concerned by Frieza having such awesome power. It would seem that they are confident that even one capable of manhandling a Super Saiyan God is of no threat to them. There is a darkly amusing juxtaposition between them analysing a strawberry in great detail while Goku gets the tar knocked out of him only yards away.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 25 concludes with Goku seemingly out for the count and Golden Frieza closing in for the kill. Will Goku have one of his trademark second winds and make a startling comeback? Will Frieza add Goku to his long list of felled enemies? Will Vegeta step in again? Will Champa and Vados interrupt the battle with some sort of new-fangled MacGuffin?
We’ll have to wait until next week to find out – it’s all getting very exciting!

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