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I Have Come Too! Training Begins on Beerus’ Planet!

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After a few ‘filler’ episodes that were heavy on the wacky humour but somewhat light in terms of ongoing story progression, Dragon Ball Super is now moving swiftly into its next main story arc. As was hinted in last week’s episode, the next Super saga will be the reworked take on the Resurrection ‘F’ Dragon Ball Z movie, albeit with a twist.

Spoilers from this point onward:

We catch up with Goku and Whis en route to Beerus’ planet. The journey is not without its hiccups though as Goku seriously needs to pee, much to the chagrin of Whis who vows to banish him should he wet himself. It is clear from this offset that Dragon Ball‘s odd take on (toilet) humour is alive and well.

Things take a turn for the weird though, when they arrive on Beerus’ planet only to find Vegeta waiting for them whilst wearing a pink apron. While the episode does go out of its way to show that part of the deal for Vegeta to be trained by Whis was for him to do housework, he is never really shown to actually need to wear one. Based on how Whis reacted to seeing Vegeta wearing skin tight pants back in Episode 16, there seems to be some pretty fetish-friendly subtext going on.

Whis sends Goku off to join Vegeta in his chores, the first of which involves having to change Beerus’s bed sheets without waking him up. It’s a bit like the board game Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad, except in this case should ‘Dad’ wake from his slumber he will most likely kill you. This leads to an amusing and strangely tense scene where the two Saiyan warriors try not to make noise and disturb the sleeping God of Destruction. They just about succeed in their mission but, interestingly enough, Beerus is still technically at full power while asleep, so his flailing arms and legs, the mere tossing and turning of a slumbering God, can be lethal! Vegeta manages to sate Beerus by offering him a tasty fish – all while having that mad look in his eyes – truly Vegeta’s sanity appears to be on the wane these days.

Upon changing the bed sheets Goku asks Vegeta if Whis’ training is always this tough. He responds that, difficult as the task was, it was not training, merely housework. This line is delivered in the most over-the-top fashion imaginable, quite possibly a reference to the famous “This is Sparta!” line from 300. Indeed, we get an extreme close up of Vegeta’s straining eye as he yells, “This is… HOUSEWORK!”, a phrase which causes Goku to stumble backward in shock. The whole thing is done in such a way that it is parodying the larger-than life delivery which many animé shows make use of. As was the with Vegeta’s cookery based meltdown a couple of episodes ago, Dragon Ball Super is more than willing to embrace its own silly side and have a bit of fun at its own expense.

When Goku and Vegeta do get around to the real training, we get to see some of the methods that Whis employs. Often in the Dragon Ball franchise, training involves little more than sparring and yelling loudly in order to increase one’s power. Here though, Whis sets up a devilish (and very dangerous!) challenge for his two disciples. For once, it does feel like they are doing legitimate training. It will be interesting to see if we see more of Whis’ methods in future episodes.

Toward the end of Episode 18 of Dragon Ball Super a sense of dejavu starts to kick in as we see a lot of bits and pieces which are lifted directly from the Resurrection ‘F’ DBZ movie. Whis’ lesson about needing one’s individual body parts to ‘think’ independently of each other is recreated right down to the “You stepped in poop” joke (although we never see what kind of creature produced said pink poop – some mysteries are better off left unsolved). When a spaceship captained by Sorbet shows up, the feeling of the path already trodden is palpable.

However, something surprising happens at the very end of the episode which wasn’t in the Resurrection ‘F‘ script. From out of nowhere, the long-awaited introduction of Champa, who is seemingly a God of Destruction from another dimension, shows up and subsequently lays waste to a planet. Or rather, his companion (let’s call her Girl Whis for now) does. Based on their brief conversation, they are searching for something in particular, although what that is is not revealed.

In addition to the mystery associated with Champa’s arrival, we now are left to wonder if the Resurrection F and the Universe 6 storylines will intermingle as Dragon Ball Super carries on. Since Frieza stated in the Resurrection ‘F’ movie (yes, granted that is not technically canon) that he took four months’ worth of training in order to achieve his new level of power, perhaps the Universe 6 saga will take place in that space of time.

Overall, the 18th installment of Dragon Ball Super was a fairly good episode overall. There was plenty of weird humour and good scripting, while the surprise ending made up for the fact that we’ve already seen some of it before. The quality of animation was a bit patchy in places, not up to the usually very high standard that we see in Dragon Ball Super, but that can be forgiven for the sake of what was an entertaining episode.

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