Dragon Ball Super – Episode 17

Pan is Born! And Goku Goes Off on a Training Journey!?

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Episode 17 of Dragon Ball Super continues on with the fun ‘filler’ that we’ve been treated to since the conclusion of  the ‘Battle of Gods’ saga. This episode takes place a full six months after last week’s installment.

Please note that this review contains spoilers.

Although the episode is titled “Pan is Born!”, in actuality she was born at some point during the six month gap between this installment of the show and last week’s episode. While still a very small baby, Pan-chan (Gohan and Videl’s child) is by no means a newborn and Videl hasn’t got any remnants of baby weight on her. The episode opens with Mr Satan (AKA Hercule) cooing over her before Gohan shows up and changes into the Great Saiyaman (remember him?) and challenges him to a mock battle for Pan-chan’s affection. Chi-Chi enters the fray and, understandably, berates them for roughhousing around the baby.

The main thrust of the episode sees Chi-Chi essentially taking Videl, Pan-chan and Bulma hostage as she tries to convince them that the path of the warrior might not be the best life for Pan (which certainly sounds a far cry from the, non-canon, Dragon Ball GT timeline which sees her launched into space on a dangerous quest). While this is happening, an amusing image emerges; all of the men are locked outside wondering what to do, their great warrior strength proving to be utterly useless in such an awkward domestic situation.

Whilst the ladies chat about Pan-chan’s future, Bulma mentions that Vegeta left to train with Whis six months ago. This prompts Goku to, quite literally, burst into the room (via the wall) and demand a meeting with Whis so that he can train with him too. Since Whis only pops by every now and again, Goku decides that it would be a good idea to stalk Bulma in the hope of meeting him. This results in him intruding on her post-shower, a trespass deemed worthy of an uppercut to the chops. That means Bulma joins an exclusive club of people to have managed to give Goku more blows than they have received.

When Whis finally does show up, he agrees to let Goku come train with him so long as Goku doesn’t annoy him too much while he has his meal – something Goku nearly manages to do as he impatiently nags Whis to hurry up. Despite Goku’s irritations, the episode ends with Whis taking him off to train. Curiously, Whis mentioned that it is an ‘appropriate time’ for him to train Goku but refuses to elaborate on what he meant by that. Clearly, he knows something important is upcoming but is keeping his cards close to his chest for now.

It is unclear if Whis was referring to a possible return of Frieza or something else entirely. The episode did contain one direct reference to the Resurrection F Dragon Ball Z movie, a variation of the scene where Krillin (now a cop) gives chase to a pair of bandits, so it looks like the Resurrection F story will be introduced to Dragon Ball Super gradually. It will be interesting to see how it ties in with the ‘Universe 6’ storyline.

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