Dragon Ball Super – Episode 13

Goku, Go Surpass Super Saiyan God!

Dragon Ball Super Sayain God

The battle between God of Destruction Beerus and Goku in his Super Saiyan God form rages on and takes a surprising twist (well, it would be surprising for people who haven’t seen the Battle of Gods Dragon Ball Z movie) in the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super.

Beware: Spoilers from beyond this point.

With Goku and Beerus still battling at the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere, the fallout can be felt across the universe as the astronomical volume of energy being thrown about threatens to destroy a large chunk of the galaxy. This leads to one of the more amusing scenes to be played out in Dragon Ball Super as Mr Satan (AKA Hercule) pleads with Whis to use ‘his magic’ to save the Earth, offering him a free food voucher in exchange for salvation. After some internal deliberation and a lot of squirming, Whis turns down the offer. When the Earth does not end up being destroyed, Mr Satan immediately calls his PR team, shamelessly claiming to have saved the day before proudly and loudly proclaiming “Satan is the best!” (one of those moments where a lack of translation is truly hilarious).

Of course, Mr Satan’s bizarre rant about using his love to stop the world from being annihilated wasn’t based in reality. In truth, we discover that Beerus has the ability to pacify even large volumes of universe-destroying energy, although he must use 100% of his power to do so. Once that proverbial purple cat is let out of the bag, Goku gets quite ticked off as he learns that Beerus had been holding back on him. With the secret out, the pair of hyper-powered deities can finally fight each other at full capacity (after several episodes’ worth of holding back).

The fighting action in Episode 13 of Dragon Ball Super is a big improvement on what we got in last week’s episode. Gone are the weird time consuming stylisations which marred the previous instalment, replaced with what the Dragon Ball franchise does best; proper fight choreography. When Beerus finally stops mucking about and goes full power, his fighting style is very vicious and quite underhanded. Not to be outdone, Goku pulls off the move of the episode; grabbing Beerus by the head and repeatedly headbutting him. It’s a brutal encounter for sure, but its great to see that after all these years, Dragon Ball fights can still throw out surprises.

Speaking of surprises, Goku’s Super Saiyan God ‘time limit’ expires causing him to revert back to a more traditional looking Super Saiyan (i.e. the blonde one). Thinking the fight is over and won, Beerus is shocked to find that Goku still packs one hell of a punch, despite losing his fiery Super Saiyan God aura. It would seem that Goku has absorbed the Super Saiyan God power into his body and has not lost any of his battle prowess despite the change of appearance. Will it be enough to take down Beerus? We have to wait until next week’s episode, which promises to bring about an end to this battle of Gods.

As an aside, reverting Goku back to the more familiar Super Saiyan look will no doubt sit well with a lot of Dragon Ball Z fans. The lean and red haired Super Saiyan God design was never the most popular among the fan base, nor was the bizarre Super Saiyan 3 form (massive hair, a more pronounced forehead and no eye brows), so by allowing Goku to keep his power boost while restoring his classic appearance, Dragon Ball Super is now essentially having its cake and eating it.

I must admit that I really do hope that next week’s episode really is the final episode in Dragon Ball Super’s ‘Battle of Gods’ story arc. While, when viewed on its own merits, it has been fairly good overall, it can’t be gotten away from that it is generally the same story as the Battle of Gods Dragon Ball Z movie so plot points aren’t all that surprising to those of us who have already seen said DBZ movie. Moving on to more original storylines should do Dragon Ball Super a world of good going forward.

Welcome back blonde Goku. We missed you.

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