Dragon Ball Super – Episode 11

“Let’s Keep Going Beerus-sama! The Battle of Gods Continues”

Dragon Ball Super Saiyan God

As what appears to be the pinnultimate episode of Dragon Ball Super‘s ‘Battle of Gods’ story arc takes place, we are beginning to see what many long-term Dragon Ball fans have been waiting patiently for; strong signs of a notable story deviation from the DBZ movie of the same name, as Goku and Beerus’ hyper-powered matchup steps things up a notch.

Major spoilers contained beyond this point:

The vast majority of Episode 11 of Dragon Ball Super‘s running time focuses on the continuing battle between Beerus, the God of Destruction and Goku in his new found Super Saiyan God form. Those looking for something fresh and new will be happy to know that this fight plays out quite a bit differently to that which we saw in the Battle of Gods movie. We learn that rather than simply wishing to fight a Super Saiyan God, Beerus is puposefully trying to bring about Goku’s maximum fighting potential for reasons which are not entirely clear (unless you’ve been reading spoilery pre-press that is).

The fight itself is very well put together, with some very nice animation coming into play. Goku’s fiery ‘God aura’ in particular looks great, as do some of Beerus’ energy based attacks. You can see that a substantial amount of time and effort has gone into getting the look and feel of this fight sequence just right. It’s certainly a far cry from the underwhelming and rushed looking animation we saw when Goku and Beerus first did battle back in Episode 5 – long may it reign.

One thing which the Dragon Ball franchise has always tried to do since day one is to incorporate a degree of humour into pretty much every episode. After all, why shouldn’t we be allowed to laugh when billions of lives are at stake? In Episode 11 of Dragon Ball Super there isn’t too much scope for making funnies as the entire episode is essentially a lengthy fight sequence. The solution? Add some humorous elements to the fight itself! As the freeze frame from the above YouTube video embed shows, Goku’s fighting style gets playfully silly (much like how it did in last week’s episode) at one point. However, this sillyness is short lived as Beerus decides to up the ante once again.

The episode concludes with an impressive finalé as Goku is forced to stop a barrage of potentially world destroying energy projectiles before being suckerpunched by Beerus (perhaps ‘punched’ isn’t quite the best description here as Beerus’ method of dispatching of him is quite a bit more penetrative than a mere punch). This leads to Goku becoming excited (as opposed to dead as one might have expected of him after receiving such a blow) at the prospect of levelling up once more and having another go at Beerus.

At this point we do see what looks to be an interesting quirk in the Dragon Ball, or more speciically the Saiyan, mythology. It appears as if the Super Saiyan God form imbues its holder with accelerated healing, allowing Goku to recuperate quickly from what appeared to be a fatal blow. This, combined with the old ‘a Saiyan warrior is at the peak of his powers right after recovering from a mortal wound’ concept (which is something that hasn’t really been brought up in Dragon Ball mythology in quite some time for whatever reason) seems to be the catalyst for Goku’s ability to re-challenge the seemingly undefeatable Beerus. Once this happens, we see a smile on Vegeta’s face once again, pretty much confirming that yes, he is finally starting to respect Goku.

Next week’s episode of Dragon Ball Super promises to finally show Beerus hitting full power (turns out he was lying about it last week in order to get a better fighting performance out of Goku). If that sounds a little bit rehashy to you, fear not as something big is going down and it looks like a really major deviation from that which DBZ fans saw in the Battle of Gods movie is about to happen as this particular story arc plows toward its (epic by the look of it) conclusion. Episode 12 is definitely going to be the one that fans won’t want to miss!

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