Dragon Ball Super – Episode 10

Show me Goku! The Power of Super Saiyan God!

Dragon Ball Super Saiyan God Goku

Having successfully (not to mention eventually) powered up to the form of the Super Saiyan God in last week’s episode, Goku must now use this new found strength to do battle with Beerus, the seemingly undefeatable God of Destruction.  Beerus has promised Goku that if he can best him in hand to hand combat he will spare the Earth from annihilation, so the stakes couldn’t be much higher.

Spoilers from here on in…

As we approach the finalé of Dragon Ball Super‘s Battle of Gods saga, we get what we’ve been waiting for; the rematch between Goku and Beerus.  One thing which irked many Dragon Ball fans was the poor execution of their first battle on King Kai’s planet (back in Episode 5) which felt drawn out and had some seriously sub-par animation.  We do know that Dragon Ball Super can produce exciting action sequences as was proven in Episode 8 when Vegeta took on Beerus in a fight which was impressive both visually and in terms of battlefield dynamics.

Fortunately for viewers, the Goku – Beerus rematch has a lot more in common with the Vegeta fight than the duel on King Kai’s planet in that it is actually worth watching, even for those of us who have already seen the Battle of Gods Dragon Ball Z movie which the current Dragon Ball Super saga is derived from.  What we have here is a well put together fight scene where Goku starts off awkward and unable to land a blow on Beerus, but as he starts to get to his new Super Saiyan God form he grows into the battle and gives Beerus plenty to think about.  The moves on display are inventive so the fight comes loaded with little surprises.  It even manages to be a little but funny in parts.  Best of all though, we learn that both combatants haven’t hit full power yet and will be giving it their all in next week’s episode – stay tuned folks!

Of course, there is more to this episode of Dragon Ball Super than one (impressive) fight sequence.  There are some nice little touches of characterisation which really reward attentive viewers.  There is an interesting moment where Whis encounters the Pilaf gang and takes pity on them, inviting them to join him for dinner.  Little moments like this might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but they do offer interesting insights into characters.  While Whis generally comes across as being a self-centred arsehole who is completely removed from the concerns of mere mortals, here we see that the Dragon Ball Super version of him has a touch of kindness about him.

There is also a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment where we see Vegeta watching the Goku – Beerus battle from afar.  For only a second, his stoic misdemeanor breaks and he smirks a little bit as Goku takes the fight to Beerus.  Could this be a sign that the prince of all Saiyans is finally warming to the warrior he calls Kakarot or is has he got something else in mind?  Either way, it’s a plot strand that’s worth keeping an eye on and could offer up something new and interesting as the Dragon Ball Super story progresses.

Dragon Ball installments tend to be at their best when they have a blend of action, character development and comedy and in that sense Episode 10 ticks all of the boxes.  The best comedic moment falls to King Kai as he runs around his tiny planet wailing like a daft zealot about the coming of the Super Saiyan God before getting a stern telling off from the Elder Kai.  No disrespect to the voice actor who voices King Kai in the English dub, but one of the great joys of listening to Dragon Ball Super in Japanese is Jôji Yanami’s hilarious take on King Kai – he always sounds stoned off his bean!

Arguably the most interesting part of episode 10 of Dragon Ball Super is a line uttered by Beerus where he tells Gokus that no one in this universe is stronger than the God of Destruction (emphasis his).  While anyone who’s read the long-term synopsis of Dragon Ball Super will be aware that the series will eventually see Goku and Vegeta travel to another dimension on some sort of quest, it’s nice to see such plot lines hinted at in the series itself.  All of a sudden, Beerus’ great interest in the Super Saiyan God has taken on a new and exciting meaning.  It also implies that Beerus is in fact stronger than Whis, something which Dragon Ball fans have been discussing since the Battle of Gods movie came out.

Next week’s episode should be akin to a visit to the fireworks factory as Beerus and Goku’s battle goes full power.  That’s something DBZ fans won’t want to miss!

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