Black Star Riders, Whitesnake & Def Leppard Take Dublin

Let’s Get Rocked In The Still Of The Night II

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Sunday, December 6th, 2015 marks the day when the giants of rock and roll descended upon Dublin. More specifically, a triple threat concert involving the Black Star Riders, Whitesnake and Def Leppard took place in the Point (or the ‘3 Arena’ as the kids call it these days) for an unforgettable night of old school rocking out.

With so much rock ‘n’ roll to get through, the Point opened up nice and early. Kicking things off at about 6:50pm, the Black Star Riders were the first to take to the stage. Seen as a sort of ‘continuation band’ of Thin Lizzy (which is fair enough most of them were in Thin Lizzy), they’re the perfect type of band to get a concert like this started. While they certainly do some Thin Lizzy songs (and do them exceptionally well I might add!), they mix their set up with a fair dose of original tracks too. While songs like Bound For Glory definitely feel like they were originally written with Thin Lizzy in mind, such is their tempo and delivery, others like Finest Hour have a very distinct sound which mark the Black Star Riders out as being very much their own band. Finishing their all too brief (only nine songs in all) set with a rocked up version of Whiskey In The Jar’ (think half way between Lizzy’s and Metallica’s versions),  they got the audience nice and pumped for the bands that were yet to come.

Whitesnake took up the task of keeping the audience entertained during the middle half(!?) of the show. ‘Entertained’ is probably the wrong word to use here. ‘Awestruck’ would be a much more apt description of how most concert attendees were left feeling during Whitesnake’s set at the Point. You’d be forgiven for thinking that you had been transported back to the 1970s. Lead singer David Coverdale in particular defied his 64 years by delivering an impeccable vocal performance. Just how he manages consistently hit those notes so perfectly is one of life’s great mysteries. Whatever his secret may be, we are privileged to be able to hear his like up close and personal.

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Compulsory dress code for a Def Leppard gig.

Of course, there’s much more to a good rock band than its lead singer. Every member of Whitesnake was given ample time to shine and demonstrated their individual skills accordingly. Arguably the most impressive part of the show was an insane drum solo by veteran drummer Tommy Aldridge who, after throwing his sticks into the crowd, proceeded to mesmerise the attending fans by carrying on using his bare hands, sounding every bit as good in the process! With a set consisting of close to half a dozen Deep Purple songs (including  Burn and You Fool No One) as well as Whitesnake classics such as Is This Love and Here I Go Again, Whitesnake were out to impress and richly succeeded.

While a rock ‘n’ roll show made up of the Black Star Riders supporting Whitesnake would have been well worth the price of admission on its own, the fun was far from done once Whitesnake left the stage. There was the small matter of Def Leppard bringing the night’s festivities to a close to get through before rock and roll fans could call it a day, sleep soundly and have kick ass hair metal dreams.

With so many classics to get through, Def Leppard were out in force to deliver a true beast of a show. Indeed, choosing highlights of such a performance isn’t the easiest of tasks when saying, “It was all great!” is probably a fair enough critique. One highlight kicked in around the halfway point when Joe Elliot did a fantastic acoustic version of ‘Two Steps Behind’ which slowed things down a bit, giving the audience a chance to breathe. Of course, things got nice and up-tempo once again when Def Leppard brought the main part of their show to a close with sublime versions of Let’s Get Rocked and Pour Some Sugar On Me.

As the Dublin crowd screamed for more, Def Leppard duly delivered in what was the only encore of the night. Returning to the stage to perform Rock Of Ages followed by a truly superb performance of Photograph, the audience could scarcely have wished for a finalé more fitting.

If you’re a true rock and roll fan you should follow this tour wherever it goes. Failing that, build yourself a time machine and make sure that you attend the Dublin gig!


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