The 2013 Download Festival Awards


It has been a full week since I got back from the 2013 Download festival and my head has only now gathered its thoughts.  The week long muzziness I have been feeling has many origins including standing too close to gigantic amps while listening to metal, sunstroke, sleep deprivation, excess alcohol consumption and a severe ass woopin’ administered by a certain Jason Statham (more on that later).

Now. enough with the increasingly elaborate excuses for my tardiness.  There are awards to be handed out!

The Golden Oldie Award For Nostalgia:

With so many of Download’s acts old enough to draw pensions, the competition for this particular award was positively fierce!  Uriah Heep win out for me though.   While to many they are just a name vaguely remembered from a ‘Rock Anthems’ compilation CD that was bought for Father’s Day, there is no denying that Uriah Heep have aged like a fine wine (and other such placard proclamations).  So this one’s for anybody who was told they were too old to rock out!

Yeah, they don’t look like that no more…

Honorable Mention:

While they did start a good decade after Uriah Heep, Europe are still old dudes by anyone’s calculation.  If ever there was a band that single-handedly personified everything we love about 80s cheese in music, it is them.  The lads can still pull off amazing solos and Joey Tempest still has the whitest teeth on the planet.  Rock on!

And yes, they still dress like this.

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