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Psykosis by Olga Kuzmenko

Thrash Metal, Beer and Beaches: It’s shaping up to be a big summer for Grant Walsh, Tony Corcoran, Jay Shaw and Shane Byrne. Collectively, they are better known as Psykosis, and they recently won the final of the Bloodstock Ireland Metal 2 The Masses competition, securing them a slot on the “New Blood Stage” at the Bloodstock Open Air Festival in August 2014. Not only that; they are also lined up to play coveted support sets for Trivium (Academy, 17th June), M.O.D. (Fibbers, 24th June) and Evile (Voodoo Lounge, 26th September). If you’re a fan of thrash metal, chances are you’ll be seeing Psykosis this summer. We met up with the lads on Killiney beach to chat about the Metal 2 The Masses competition, the Bloodstock Festival and life in the band. Reader discretion is advised!

How does it feel to have won the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses competition now that it’s had time to sink in?

Tony: It’s awesome! We’re really stoked to be playing, and we can’t wait because it’s going to be the biggest Psykosis party yet.

Have you anything special planned?

Tony: We do have a couple of plans. There’s going to be a couple of stunts pulled. But as they’re stunts, they’re not going to be revealed yet. Just put it this way; what we’re about is thrash metal, beer and beaches, so there’s going to be plenty of surprises in that context.

Psykosis by Olga Kuzmenko

Regarding the M2TM final. If you were the judges, and had to pick a winner from the other five acts, who would you have sent to Bloodstock?

All: Killface.

That was a quick unanimous decision!

Tony: For me; Killface or AeSect. Or Dead Label. But for some reason Dead Label didn’t get the crowd this time. It’s a funny one. They always play great gigs and get really big crowds, but they didn’t really sway the crowd for some reason.

Grant: Killface. At the start, I literally had to leave, and Jay followed me; they were psyching us out so much.

Shane: Yeah, they made me very nervous! But they’re brilliant! And sound lads.

Grant: Every band that played were absolutely phenomenal.

Shane: But Killface, for me, because I like that type of music anyway. They really blew me away.

Jay: Being honest though; any of the bands playing in the final deserved to win it. That’s not just a cliché.

Tony: You asked about being a judge, but even before the performance, the one we were most worried about was Killface. Because we’ve done a few competitions like this before, and Killface have always gotten to the same level as us; and either we’ve gotten the runner-up prize or they have. It’s always been us and Killface, all the time. They have a similar kind of music. They’re all big into their thrash, and we have similar shows. They’re very passionate, and a very intense performance. Maybe we’re a little bit more jokey, but we are very similar.

Grant: It’s the same with AeSect; they do the whole crowd-surfing and leaning over the monitors thing.

Jay: Shane Kiernan is a nut-job! I want that on record, by the way! He’s a ginger nut-job!

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