The Randomers – New Irish Feature Film

Sarah Jane Murphy and Joseph Lydon in Graham Jones' Irish feature film the Randomers


Usually when critiquing a film one of the most commented on aspects of the production is the dialogue. Good dialogue can make a film great. Poor dialogue can completely ruin one. As it is seen as such a pivotal part of any film, few filmmakers would dare try to make a ‘wordless’ film and even less producers would finance such a venture. One notable recent example of a (virtually) silent movie was The Artist, which impressed cinema goers the world over and eventually won five Oscars including best Picture. Clearly, this proves that, if you are resourceful and talented enough, you can create a truly great piece of film without having your characters explain everything through the medium of speech.

Where Irish director Graham Jones’ new feature film The Randomers differs from The Artist is that this is no badge wearing tribute, harking back to the golden age of silent cinema. This is a story set in the modern times (in full colour no less!) with two characters who have elected to not speak out of their own personal decision rather than them being living embodiment of a cinematic epoch.

The Randomers concerns a young woman (Sarah Jane Murphy), living on the west coast of Ireland who puts out an ad looking to start a relationship “without speaking” and, sure enough, a young man (Joseph Lydon) responds to it in his own quiet sort of way. Suffice to say, a relationship soon blossoms. I suppose you can see why they are referred to as ‘The Randomers’ now.

It’s difficult to judge how good The Randomers will be based on the two and a half minutes of footage we get from the trailer. How will the pair behave when they meet other people? Are they allowed talk to other folks, saving their silent relationship for one another? Personally, I am hoping that is the case. There is something quite endearing behind the idea of a couple who simply don’t need to talk to each other in order to know ho they feel. If both protagonists are completely silent social recluses who talk to no one, then that kind of makes them considerably more difficult to relate to. Without doubt, there will need to be some powerful acting performances and very skilled directing to pull it off. With both leads being relative unknowns (which is not necessarily a bad thing in itself) and a director with a fairly sparse (but interesting nonetheless) filmography it is too early to speculate too much.

The Randomers is set for release in 2014. We’ll just have to wait until then.


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