Movie Trailer Roundup: Blockbuster Edition!

Force Awakens Chewbacca Han Solo

With the runaway box office success of the likes of Avatar and Avengers Assemble proving that blockbusters don’t need to be released during the traditional summer season, the good people of the world can now look forward to seeing spaceships, robots, monsters and superheroes filling up the screens of their local Googooplex practically every month of the year.

We’ve been getting some seriously cool blockbuster movie previews lately so, without further delay, here are some of the most exciting ones:

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

It would be just plain wrong not to start with what was easily the biggest trailer of the past week (month, year, decade, eternity – insert appropriate time span as you see fit).  After being used and abused by George Lucas and his inept prequel trilogy, Star Wars fans have rightfully been skeptical about The Force Awakens, but this new trailer seems to be winning over all but the most cynical of us – A New Hope if you will.

A Star Destroyer!  Luke Skywalker!  Stormtroopers!  Tie Fighters!  Han Solo!  Chewbacca!!!
All the boxes appear to be ticked with Episode VII looking more and more like a worthy successor to the original trilogy with every new shred of footage that is revealed.  Can we dare to dream again?

The Force Awakens this December – could this be the greatest Christmas present of all time?

Jurassic World

Jurassic World Indominous rex poster

“Mr J will see you now…”

A full new Jurassic World trailer will be released later today (check back for updates).  In anticipation of this new trailer (which is confusingly referred to as ‘Trailer 2’ – apparently the Superbowl trailer doesn’t count) Universal Pictures have released three posters; one featuring Chris Pratt on his motorcycle accompanied by his Velociraptor pals, one featuring that ridiculously oversized mosasaur about to swallow a great white shark (What did those things ever do to annoy Colin Trevorrow? He seems to delight in showing them being eaten) whole and one rather hilarious Fifty Shades of Grey inspired image of Bryce Dallas Howard eyeing up the Indominous rex in what could be the prelude to the most disturbing sex scene ever committed to cinema.

In addition to the aforementioned posters, a short clip from Jurassic World was released in the past week, treating us to Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt bickering.  It’s a very cringe-inducing clip which is full of bad attempts at humor (she’s a business woman so she brought an itinerary to her date – hilarious!), indicating that Universal have learned nothing from the Jurassic Park 3 debacle and don’t seem to understand that the original Jurassic Park film had a somewhat mature tone but managed to be hilarious when it wanted to be – the lost art of good screenwriting.

As much as the world and its mother loved Guardians of the Galaxy, copy and pasting Chris Pratt’s Star Lord character and dropping him into what ideally is a much more grounded universe seems lazy and careless.  Hopefully the next Jurassic World trailer can set things right but, as it stands, things are not looking good.

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