10 Batshit Crazy Moments with Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage animatedIf there is one man in Hollywood who is synonymous with all things crazy it is Nicolas Cage. To say that the guy is eccentric would be something of a monumental understatement.  If the crazy scale went from one to ten, he would rank at about about 40 points.  Creating a list featuring Nicolas Cage’s craziest moments proved to be quite a difficult and time consuming task – not because examples of Nic Cage going absolutely nuts are hard to find – but rather due to the fact that they are exceedingly common and narrowing it down to just ten meant a lot of truly wacky stuff had to be left by the wayside.

Here are ten of Nicholas Cage’s finest moments (although not necessarily in ascending order as who am I to say which examples of Nic Cage acting like a loop job are better than one another?):

10: Face/Off: Nicolas Cage is a Priest

In one of the more memorable moments featuring Mr Cage in John Woo’s action epic Face/Off, he is strutting his stuff in a priest’s uniform.  But he is no ordinary priest.  He is a dirty perverted priest (must resist urge to crack “just a regular priest so!” joke…) who is prone to grabbing the asses of barely legal girls and screaming loudly in what must be one of the most frightening orgasms ever committed to cinema

The following clip is NSFW (as is most of this article – word on the street is making loud Nicolas Cage noises in your office is a good way to get fired and/or get dragged away by men in white coats):

Hallelujah indeed…

9. Ghost Rider 2: Nicolas Cage Pisses Fire

After 2007’s abysmal Ghost Rider film, the powers that be saw fit to make a sequel for one reason or another.  It was also terrible, but it did feature a sequence where Nicolas Cage prances around on the back of a flat bed truck and pretends his dick is a flamethrower in order to impress a little kid (interpret that as you will).

Big deal.  It burns when I pee all the time!

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