5 Reasons Why Atheists Should Watch Noah

Ray Winstone in NoahNoah looks set to be one of the most opinion splitting films of 2014.  While, certainly, it has its own target market in the form of 6 Day Creationist types who are quite common in the United States, but somewhat rarer elsewhere – can it bridge the gap between such a particular religious demographic and say, secularly minded atheists and agnostics who do not share their beliefs?

The trailer for Noah has accumulated millions of hits and sparked, often heated, debates around the world.  Some proclaim it as a wonderful new means of spreading the word of the one true God.  Others call it little more than a fancy piece of religious propaganda or, worse still, a relic of a bygone age.

However, there are plenty of reasons for the non Christian to look forward to the arrival of Noah.  Here are five of the best:

1. Darren Aronofsky is God

Many eyebrows were raised when Darren Aronofsky, a card carrying atheist, was signed on to direct a film adaptation of the story of Noah.  Indeed, many a God fearing Creationist feared that Aronofsky might have been tempted to take the money, disregard the source material and run off to fund a Godless bingo hall or something.  However, those people don’t know Darren Aronofsky.  The Black Swan director is one of the few Hollywood directors who can still genuinely be considered an auther, having an unblemished filmography.  He has not got too many films to his name, but that is because he insists only on working on films which he knows will be great.  In other words, have faith in Aronofsky and he will reward you with treasures beyond your wildest dreams!

2. Frankly, You Can F#ck Your Realism!

Some of the more reactionary people out there may howl with derision at the story of Genesis being literally depicted in a major motion picture, complaining that it is too unrealistic and should not be taken seriously in this day and age.  Many of these same people probably love Lord of the Rings; a story which includes elves, talking trees, a magic ring and something called Bilbo Baggins – these things only served to make it even more awesome!  You don’t have to believe the Creation story to see why it could make a fun movie.  Just embrace the absurdity of it and enjoy the (magic boat) ride!

Of course, if you REALLY want to see a scientifically accurate version of Noah’s Ark (complete with adorable Kiwi accents) then there is always Youtube:

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  1. shagoosty

    #5 is just plain dumb. No atheist is going to believe that god sent a flood to stop the production, because atheists don’t believe in god. I’m guessing an atheist didn’t write this article.

    1. Doctor DooM

      Oh he’s definitely atheist. You can tell by the glowing red eyes and the propensity to eat babies

  2. Michael Doherty

    shagoosty, please stop perpetuating the idea that aetheists don’t have a sense of humour. Christ!!! Sorry, it’s still a good exclaimation.

      1. Sean Markey
        Sean Markey

        I suppose ‘auteur’ is more correct. The way I have it spelt here (‘auther’) is an bastardised American take of the word, kind of like how they spell ‘palaeontology’ (‘paleontology’) – probably not as valid though. Oh well.

  3. john

    I like how you said it was biblically based, even though the Darren Aronofsky bragged about making the least biblically sound movie.

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