Lords Of Strut: Chaos (Review)

Imagine Derek Zoolander if he was from Cork. And had a brother. And they burst onto the stage of the Peacock theatre dancing and somersaulting to the tune of “I was made for loving you” by Kiss.

“Chaos” is an action packed hour long affair full of laughs, dancing and music.  It even succeeds in pulling at your heart strings every now and again. Sean and Seamus are fame hungry dancers and they’ll do do do anything to make it.  As their mammy says: “You’ve got to give in order to take.”  So, they give it their all, and then some.

The show has a bit of everything: acrobatics, contortions, singing, men in clingfilm mankinis, a man dressed in a triangle and not as a triangle.  It even has the kitchen sink – because it’s funny.  Most importantly, every time you laugh with Seamus and Sean you get the impression that they laugh at themselves even harder and that’s very endearing.

The duo pull the (un)fortunate Charles Flood from the audience for a bit of a chat and a strut along. As with every time this happens I wonder whether Charles is a shill or just an unsuspecting spectator. Regardless, if you’re a bit shy and don’t want to end up under the spotlight you’d do well to sit in the middle of the row rather than by the sides.

This was my first theatrical experience of this year’s Tiger Fringe and it was an hour extremely well spent.  The show is running every day this week and finishes this Saturday 13th.

You can see a preview of the action here:

But, most importantly, you can get your tickets here: fringefest.com



[Image: Lords of Strut]

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