Competition: Win A Sinister Goodie Bag

Sinister Goody Bag

Kids are “smaller versions of adults”, as Laura Dern once so eloquently phrased it, and that’s what makes them so damn creepy.  From Children of the Corn to Village of the Damned, horror movie directors have gleefully used the fact that there’s something deeply unsettling about kids dabbling with the supernatural (Blonde kids in particular seem to be extra creepy for whatever reason).  After all, would the iconic “They’re here…” moment in Poltergeist be anywhere near as affecting had it been delivered by an adult?  Probably not.

A more recent graduate from the school of “kids are goddamn creepy” is 2012’s Sinister, directed by Scott Derrickson. It’s a rather chilling tale about a demonic entity (who looks like he auditioned to play guitar for Slipknot) who terrorizes families and tries to abduct their children in supernaturally freaky ways.  The kids themselves though, end up outshining the demon when it comes to the film’s scariest moments.

Since Sinister made a killing at the box office, raking in nearly 90 million dollars on a $3 million budget, a sequel seemed fairly inevitable.  Sinister 2 will hit our cinema screens on the 21st of August with the rather ominous tagline, “Children At Play”.  To mark the occasion, we’ve got 3 Sinister goodie bags to giveaway.  Each goodie bag contains:

  • a copy of Sinister on DVD
  • a Sinister 2 T-shirt
  • Sinister mug
  • a keychain torch thingy that looks like the projector from the film
  • an alarm clock radio that looks like those spooky audio devices that people use to communicate with demons (perfect for playing loud scratching noises as your morning alarm!)

To be in with a chance of winning this pretty slick prize (If I do say so myself!), just click about in the below Rafflecopter box.  For an additional chance of winning, leave a comment under this post telling us what your favourite horror sequel is (Big Momma’s House 2 –Ed).

Competition entrants must be 15 years of age or over.

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    Either Aliens (1986), the one where Ripley wears the exo-suit cargo loader or Romero’s 1978 Dawn of the Dead (the one set in the shopping mall).

  2. Chris H

    Would have to be Aliens as the Alien run of movies are awesome and can’t wait for the sequel to Prometheus!

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