Competition: Win The Complete Wilfred Series DVD Boxed Set

Jason Gann as Wilfred

Wilfred was one of the more offbeat television shows to come out during the 2010s.  Nevertheless, the series was well received critically and earned itself a dedicated fan base, which allowed it to run for a total of 49 episodes, spanning four seasons between 2011 and 2014.

Based on the Australian TV series of the same name, Wilfred follows a manically depressed man named Ryan (Elijah Wood) who, as he is about to commit suicide, is unexpectedly asked to take care of his neighbour’s dog.  Postponing his self-inflicted demise, Ryan hesitantly accepts the request and takes Wilfred (the dog) in.  Bizarrely, Ryan starts seeing Wilfred as a man (Jason Gann) in a dog suit.  Sure enough, this talking dog-man, despite being a bit of an asshole, imparts valuable tough love life-lessons on Ryan and a weird friendship blossoms (what is it with Elijah Wood and taking advice from grown men dressed in animal cosplay?).

Wilfred is a funny, yet surprisingly heartfelt piece of television which, unfortunately, not as many people are aware of as there perhaps should be.  If it sounds like the kind of show that you could get into then look no further; thanks to the fabulous people from a film company, we have a DVD boxed set to give away which contains the entire Wilfred series (Seasons 1-4) so you can experience it for yourself (or revisit it if you are already a fan).

In order to be in with a chance to win, simply click about in the Rafflecopter box that’s embedded after this amusing clip from Wilfred (For an additional chance to win, just leave a comment under this post telling us what your favourite ‘weird’ TV show is):

Please note that all competition entrants must be 18 years of age or over.

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    Just heard that Wes Craven has died. Thank you for so many wonderful memories …..R.I.P.


    Are you talking about ‘weird’ or just plain ‘bloody peculiar & not the sort of thing I would want a child of mine to watch’? In the case of the latter then any Japanese so-called reality show/comps are horrendous but I can still peep between my fingers! As for ‘weird’ then dear old Mother Nature can beat anything hands down.

  3. Richard Stabler

    Wilfred is the funniest, weird show, but i’ve started rewatching Twin Peaks, which isn’t as funny, but is definitely weirder.

  4. Sinéad Carroll

    How have I not heard of this before, it sounds exactly like my kind of thing! Takeshi’s Castle was definitely the weirdest part of my childhood, though maybe that’s considered normal in Japan…

  5. Chris Harte

    Under the Dome, keeps getting weirder by the season, not the best acting but one of those that i have to keep watching!

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