Sean Markey

About Sean Markey

Former filmmaker, comedian, actor, writer.... Sean has seen it all (some of it twice!). Likes dinosaurs and transforming robots. Hopes to rule the multiverses someday, but is settling for an Admin role at Krank for now.
the Treatment

The Treatment Are Coming to Dublin!

Just over a year ago Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators played two gigs in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre. They were joined on stage by guitar legend Slash and, on one of the nights, a man who pretty...
Kronos Rising

Max Hawthorne Interview (Kronos Rising)

After we previewed his upcoming book, Kronos Rising, author Max Hawthorne decided to come visit us at Krank Towers. Since the book features a prehistoric beastie, it is hardly surprising that Sean wa...
Kronos Rising

Swim for your lives, Kronos is Rising!

From Max Hawthorne, author of the controversial book Memoirs of a Gym Rat, comes a new novel of deep terror, Kronos Rising. Thought deceased for millions of years, a legendary hunter is back on the p...
Wrestlemania XXX banner

Wrestlemania xXx – A Newcomer’s Take

Greetings Sports Fans! This article contains MASSIVE SPOILERS in relation to Wrestlemania 30, so reader discretion is advised. For anyone who had been living under The Rock for the last while, the bi...