Sean Markey

About Sean Markey

Former filmmaker, comedian, actor, writer.... Sean has seen it all (some of it twice!). Likes dinosaurs and transforming robots. Hopes to rule the multiverses someday, but is settling for an Admin role at Krank for now.
The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner (Review)

The first part of James Dashner's Maze Runner trilogy attempts to follow the Hunger Games' example and become the next big 'Young Adult' movie franchise.
The Best of Me

The Best of Me (Review)

The Best of Me is the latest on screen adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Can it offer something a bit different to those that have come before it?
Tony Murphy in The Late Men

The Late Men (Review)

Ireland is one of the last habitable places on Earth following a global catastrophe. An interesting idea but does The Late Men deliver? Sean investigates.