About the Site

Krank.ie is an Irish news and current events magazine website focused on giving amateur journalists, bloggers and people with strong opinions a place to post and collaborate. We promote the importance of regular people getting involved and airing their views and voices while staying informed with what is going on in the world.

We’re a small group of people with a passion for news, writing and entertainment. Over 100 people have used the site as a platform to break stories and publish their opinions. The site is 100% independent, managed part-time by a small core group and funded by volunteers. You can see some of our team here.

A brief history of Krank

The site has evolved from humble beginnings as a small current affairs blog in 2009. We realised we wanted to do something bigger and better, so Krank LTD was founded with the main aim to create a better site as Krank.ie.

Krank.ie has been first to break a number of news stories, had contributions from people with many differing views, collected and contributed to numerous stories from around the world and fact checked our media peers.
Examples of our exclusives include: In 2012 we were the first publication to obtain and publish a recording of the anti-abortion robocalls, which were subsequently investigated by the DPC. In 2013 we were the first website in the world to break the news that John Hurt would be starring in the Doctor Who Anniversary Film. We were the first news organisation to report on “Pantigate” in 2014.

We’ve been mentioned on TV and radio at home and abroad, had our stories appear in mainstream media and even been referenced in foreign news publications.

We support independent people coming together to spread information. We adore the underdog, homegrown talent and providing a platform for people’s views and news. Our main goal is to have a fully independent Irish news and current affairs site that isn’t afraid to tackle important issues and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Honours for Krank

  • Shortlisted for Best Newcomer 2010 at The Irish Blog Awards.
  • Shortlisted for Best News/Current Affairs 2011 at The Irish Blog Awards
  • Nominated for Best Web Only Publication 2011 at The Irish Web Awards.
  • Shortlisted for Best Group Blog 2012 at Blog Awards Ireland.
  • Finalist for Best News/Current Affairs Blog 2012 at Blog Awards Ireland.
  • Nominated for Best Web Only Publication 2012 at Web Awards.
  • Nominated for Best Group Blog 2013 at Blog Awards Ireland.
  • Finalist for Best News/Current Affairs Blog 2013 at Blog Awards Ireland.
  • Finalist for Best Daily Web Only Publication 2013 at Web Awards.
  • Shortlisted for Best News & Current Affairs Read 2014 at The Blog and Online Publishing Awards.
  • Nominated for Best Arts & Culture Blog 2014 at Blog Awards Ireland.
  • Finalist for Best Group Blog 2014 at Blog Awards Ireland.
  • Finalist for Best Daily Online Only Publication 2014 at Web Awards.
  • Finalist for Best Daily Online Only Publication 2015 at Web Awards.


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