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    The Umbrella Revolution

    They call it the Umbrella Revolution, as Hong Kong protesters continue their stand-off with the Beijing government.

  • James Franco in Palo Alto

    Palo Alto (Review)

    "All sex and no substance" - Sean is unimpressed with Palo Alto, an inferior knock off of The Rules of Attraction.

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    Gigging With: The Harleys

    Graham checks out Classic Rock cover Band The Harleys who play everything from Queen to Metallica and everything in between!

  • Noah Ritter Meets A Stegosaurus Dinosaur

    “Apparently” Noah Ritter Got Snee...

    Noah Ritter, the "Apparently" kid from Youtube, got to go Walking With Dinosaurs thanks to Ellen DeGeneres and had a close encounter of the snotty kin...

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    Today – October 1st

    The day’s birthdays, festivals and history plus the newspaper front pages for October 1st